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Tom Garcia, Jr. was elected to the office of the Sandoval County Assessor in late 2010 and is now serving his second term after re-election in 2014. Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Garcia served as Director of the Property Tax Division for 8 years under the Johnson administration. He is a lifelong resident of New Mexico and has dedicated his career to this field. He is a 30 year member of the International Association of Assessing Officers and has been an IAAO instructor since 1974. He has taught several IAAO Appraisal courses in New Mexico and throughout the United States. Tom Garcia, Jr. is also a retired licensed New Mexico State certified appraiser.

Mr. Garcia brings over 30 years of experience and knowledge to the Assessor's Office. Mr. Garcia has made it his priority to establish trust, integrity, and transparency within the Assessor's Office. His primary focus is on serving ALL the citizens of Sandoval County in a fair and equal manner.

The following items are some of Mr. Garcia's accomplishments during his first term as the Sandoval County Assessor: