Michael Springfield






Michael Springfield
Director, Planning & Zoning
Phone: 505-867-7628


If it involves land, land use or subdivisions in unincorporated areas of Sandoval County, it will involve Planning and Zoning, 867-7628. The division processes zone changes, conditional uses, subdivisions and other activities regarding land use in the non-municipal and non-pueblo areas of the County for consideration by the Planning and Zoning Commission. The division also oversees addressing, which assigns street names and addresses. Sandoval County does not issue construction permits but Planning and Zoning must approve State-issued permits to assure zoning compliance. Landowners also are encouraged to visit with County staff prior to considering development or subdivision of property.

Much of the County's unincorporated area is zoned for permissive uses of single-family residences or agriculture. Other uses are not allowed unless the property is zoned for such activity.

Need an address? You will if you need a building permit or utility services. Call addressing, 867-7628, and a street address will be assigned to your property. The information will automatically be entered into the County's Emergency Communications System so your physical location will be available for fire, law enforcement and medical emergencies

Notice: Pursuant to Sandoval County P & Z Commission Rules, Regulations and Procedures (Doc 25951)

– All documents and other tangible materials, excluding materials used only for demonstrative purposes at the hearing to facilitate witness testimony, should be submitted at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the hearing or meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission."