Phillip Rios
Sandoval County Manager
Phone: 505-867-7538




Phillip Rios was named Sandoval County Manager in October 2011. The County Manager is the county’s chief administrative officer. He is tasked with implementing the policies established by the Board of County Commissioners. The County Manager also serves as liaison between the commission, other elected county officials and county employees to ensure that all county operations are conducted in accordance with state laws and regulations.

Mr. Rios came to Sandoval County as Director of Community Services in 1999, following a nine-year stint as chief administrator for the Village of Corrales.

In 2004, Mr. Rios was asked to take over the county’s Public Works Department. His approach to leading that department impressed the Board of County Commissioners, which asked him to step in as interim County Manager when the county’s top executive post came open in May 2011.

Six months later, after further demonstrating his abilities as an effective leader and manager, the commissioners voted unanimously to make Mr. Rios the permanent county manager.

Mr. Rios describes himself as a “people person”, and the commissioners cited his leadership and communication skills as major factors in selecting him as the county’s top administrator. As county manager, Mr. Rios maintains an open-door policy with both county employees and county residents.

“The leadership skills I gained as a military officer certainly have helped me in working with our citizens and county employees, as well dealing with issues that come up in a daily basis,” he says. “I have always believed in what President John F. Kennedy said in his 1961 Inaugural Address; ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country. That’s why public service has been a very big part of my life.”

In his spare time, Mr. Rios gives back to the community by serving as a coach and board member for the Young America Football League. When he’s not working, coaching football or playing golf, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family.