Sandoval County DWI and Prevention Program


Below are a few events Sandoval County DWI & Prevention program participates in throughout the year.

Cops in the Park
Sandoval County DWI & Prevention Program participates in the annual "Cops in the Park" event held in July each year in Rotary Park in the Town of Bernalillo, in collaboration with the Sandoval County DWI Task Force which consists of Rio Rancho Police Department, Bernalillo Police Department, Santa Ana Police Department, Jemez Pueblo and Jemez Springs Police Department, Cuba Police Department, Corrales Police Department, NM State Police, Sandoval County Detention Center, and Sandoval County Sheriff's Office. We team up with various agencies throughout New Mexico including the National Guard, Albuquerque Police Department, Sandoval County Fire Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to build trust and relationships between youth , the community and law enforcement.

Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week is the nation's oldest and largest drug prevention program reaching millions of Americans during the last week of October every year. By wearing red ribbons and participating in community anti-drug events, young people pledge to live a drug-free life and pay tribute to DEA Special Agent Enriqué "Kiki" Camarena. Special Agent Camarena was an 11-year veteran of the DEA assigned to the Guadalajara, Mexico, office where he was on the trail of the country's biggest marijuana and cocaine traffickers. In 1985, he tragically lost his life fighting the war on drugs. His tragic death opened the eyes of many Americans to the dangers of drugs and the international scope of the drug trade. Enrique (Kiki) Camarena's death created a worldwide rallying cry against drug abuse. It mobilized the public and raised awareness of drug use and prevention. The meaning of his sacrifice continues to touch one and all through Red Ribbon Week, which calls upon organizations, parents,
and educators to reinforce the dangers of drug abuse within communities.

Sandoval County DWI & Prevention Program works with all local schools to celebrate Red Ribbon Week by providing them with presentations during Red Ribbon Week and providing them with materials to pass out to all students. Sandoval County Employees also celebrate Red Ribbon Week by wearing red ribbons supplied by our program and receive emails every day of the week on a topic regarding alcohol, drugs or tobacco use.

Law Enforcement Day at the New Mexico State Fair
Sandoval County DWI & Prevention Program participates in Law Enforcement Day at the New Mexico State Fair every year in September. Educational materials are distributed which include booklets on Driving Safely, the New Mexico state DWI penalties and children's activity books on alcohol and drugs. New Mexico State Fair Law Enforcement Day promotes positive relationships between law enforcement and the public.

For more Details visit the New Mexico State Fair website.

DWI Awareness Day at the Roundhouse
Sandoval County DWI & Prevention Program participates in the annual DWI Awareness Day at the Round House in Santa Fe, New Mexico. All 33 counties collaborate to provide information about DWI and prevention to legislators and the community. Educational Materials are handed out and prevention activities and games are conducted.

For more Details visit the New Mexico Legislature website.