The Sandoval County Economic Development Assessment and Strategy was formally adopted by the Sandoval County Commission at their January 9, 2014 meeting

New Mexico Economic Development

Local Economic Development Ordinance (LEDA)

The enactment and utilization of LEDA allows public support of economic development to foster, promote, and enhance local economic development efforts while continuing to protect against the unauthorized use of public money and other public resources. This empowers communities to embark on economic development projects tailored to their LOCAL needs. In essence, LEDA is used to enter into a "public private partnership" for an economic benefit. Click here for local ordinance.

Certified Communities Initiative

Sandoval County is actively in the second year of the CCI-CAP Initiative. This initiative recognizes that the character and needs of each community will determine how economic development activities might be used to create new jobs. CCI was implemented in 2003 to assist those communities interested in taking control of their future. The initiative seeks communities who can demonstrate broad local involvement and who wish to empower their citizens, build on existing resources, and expand their capacity to facilitate economic growth and jobs.